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Challenge 28 - better known as C28 - is the premier body transformation programme offered by Meso Fitness and it is designed to get you fit: fast!

Designed for those who are really ready to commit to their health and fitness journey and those who need that extra push for their time sensitive goals.

If you're fed up of seeing little to no results in the gym, sick of losing weight on fad diets only to regain more than what you lost. Then you may have just found what you need !

C28 was specifically created for those who see little to no results with their current workout regime, are bored of the usual gym sessions or are struggling with their diet. The sessions are designed to increase with intensity incrementally across the 28 days.

If you have tried personal training, enjoy the intensity but not having all the focus and the instructors’ full attention on you, then C28 is the fitness programme for you. If you like group exercise for the social environment but feel like you don’t get enough team spirit, then C28 is the medium between personal training and group exercise that will help you get that balance and achieve results.

You will receive support in achieving your maximum fitness goals and body transformation within 28 days through fun, exciting and proven exercise techniques coupled with a tailored nutrition plan. Attend all of the classes each week and stick to the nutrition programme throughout the entire 28 days and we can guarantee results that even your friends will want to talk about.

Whether you want to look your best for a wedding, a summer beach holiday or complete a sporting challenge, C28 is geared towards assisting you in pushing your limits gradually so you achieve maximum gains from your efforts.

Choose the package that best suits your health & fitness needs as well as your lifestyle and contact us today to book your place and join C28 team.

Be Transformed Mentally, Physically and Nutritionally!

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