Terms & Conditions

1. MESO Fitness operate sessions on a pre-pay/pay monthly basis. All sessions must be paid for in advance by cash/BACS or Standing Order (S/O). Bookings may not be confirmed until payment has been received by the personal trainer.

2. Once a MESO Fitness personal trainer and client have agreed upon the most appropriate training program/ package, payment must be made before the sessions are conducted. Failure to do so may result in the sessions being forfeited.

3. Clients must contact their Trainer directly to cancel or change booked sessions. Should you need to cancel a training session you will need to contact your trainer MORE THAN 24HRS before your session time. Cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice will result as a forfeit, incurring full charge.

4. Pay monthly options entitle you to 4, 8 or 12 sessions per month, depending on how many sessions (1,2 or 3) per week you opt for. Should you cancel a session during a month where there is only four weeks, you can reschedule to a convenient time provided it’s within the same month.

5. Where there are five-week months, you will receive a complimentary session or two, depending on your fixed days. Within the five-week months, the extra sessions are also there should you need to cancel or reschedule a session. This is to ensure that you redeem all of your entitled sessions within the month.

6. All sessions will last 45 minutes unless otherwise stated and will start and finish on time. The Trainer may not be able to provide the full 45 minutes if you are late to a session. However, if the Trainer is late for a session, you will still receive the full session time or have the outstanding time added to another session.

7. The results of any training program or coaching course cannot be guaranteed and your progress depends on your effort and cooperation in and outside of the sessions. Please acknowledge that individual results may vary and the Trainer guarantees no particular results.

8. In the unlikely event of your Trainer being unable to continue your training, you can have your sessions transferred to another similar Trainer who agrees to take over your training or you can request a full refund from your existing trainer for any unfulfilled sessions.

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