“When I first started I had a goal to look good in my wedding dress. My Meso Fitness trainer said he would try his best to get me there and boy did he!”

MesoFit Boxing: Burn fat fast!

The world of boxing is a fast paced, aggressive and competitive arena. In order to get to the top you must be mentally and physically fit as well as strong and resilient in order to face any onslaught your opponent brings.

To beat your competition you must out box them, you must be fast, powerful, agile and have cat-like reflexes to be able to jab, hook, cross, duck, dodge, parry and slip your way to the win.

Feeling apprehensive?

Does this sound intimidating?

Or does it really get your juices flowing?

However it makes you feel, what you need to know is, with MesoFit Boxing we train you like a champion, BUT there is no fighting and no physical contact. So you get all of the attributes, training, fitness and skill of a boxer without any of the danger. This is a fantastic group session for those who really want to improve their coordination, functional strength and stamina. This is a great alternative to normal aerobic activity, as you will be engaging your core, arms and legs to generate force, movement and push your body to its limits.

One 50 minute MesoFit Boxing session will have you burning approx. 600 calories.

If you really have your eyes on the prize and a goal in mind then MesoFit Boxing is one of the quickest ways to shed weight, tone up and reach your fitness target. With clients in our Meso Fitness studio from brides to builders, grandmas and gas fitters all boxing their way to health, what are you waiting for?

This 50 minute high impact group workout sees fast results, is an excellent stress reliever and is a sure fire hit for those looking to drop a dress size and/or tone up the entire body. Our clients come back time and again to feel the burn. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Shed body fat fast
  • Boost your cardio fitness
  • Develop and improve co-ordination
  • Break up monotony of same old gym routine

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, then contact us today and lets get the rounds in…“Ding! Ding!”

Not sure ducking and punching is for you? Why not give 1-to-1 personal training a try?