“I was unfit and out of the gym for a year. I feel fitter and healthier and I recommend Meso Fitness a hundred times over!”

The team at Meso Fitness studio have over two decades of experience within the fitness industry, working with a range of clients, with varying needs and goals. This is what has enabled Meso Fitness as an organisation to have the knowledge and skill to help many clients achieve results that they had previously thought unreachable.

The spectrum of specialisms that Meso Fitness can provide is as follows:

  • Group activity instructors – Skilled at teaching classes of 5 or more. Key focus: to keep the class motivated and driven, whilst directing them through each exercise
  • Nutritional advisors – Analyse your diet and adapt it to enhance the progress to your physical goals. Key focus: to help you make better nutritional decisions and educate you on
  • Fitness and weight loss – Key focus: to support the growth of your aerobic ability, help you increase strength, tone muscles and burn fat.
  • Personal Trainer – Skilled at working in 1:1 sessions and groups of up to 3. Key focus: Tailored sessions to the needs of the client, educating clients on how to look after their health and wellbeing. Creating fitness programmes and maintaining client drive.
  • GP referral – Key focus: Support clients who have been advised by doctors to take up exercise to improve various health conditions e.g. high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and more.
  • Injury rehabilitation – skilled at working in 1:1 sessions. Key focus to help strengthen and return previously damaged muscles and joints to a functioning state. Or to help clients return to training or competition without putting themselves or others at undue risk of injury or illness


We are qualified to undertake tailored training with clients with a variety of health conditions and physical ailments, this means that your health and fitness; whatever level you are; is in safe hands. 

Meso Fitness expertise include:

  • Support in health, fitness, lifestyle analysis and assessment
  • Support with fitness coaching and development
  • Postural assessment/ correction

See our Services for more information.

Or if you know how you’d like to work with our Meso Fitness instructors, then please contact us today for a friendly discussion.