PlyoFit offers a consistent and progressive workout routine and a social dynamic to your physical activity.

Meso Fitness’ unique group exercise class – PlyoFit – focuses on high intensity interval training for increased fat burning and weight loss in a single session. This is a programme that progresses in difficulty over time to ensure your body is continually pushed in order to maximise results, keep you motivated and challenged.

You will receive instruction and demonstration for all activities, this will help ensure you are doing the correct techniques and keeping the intensity at the right level to support you in achieving the results that you desire.

Benefits of group exercise training:

  • Receive trainer instruction
  • Exercise demonstrations
  • Energetic environment
  • Peer to peer motivation
  • Meet new people
  • Fun and challenging exercises
  • Self motivation increases
  • More likely to complete a session
  • You can see your progress over time
  • Increase fitness and weight loss

You can book yourself onto any of our PlyoFit classes throughout the week. We do morning and evening sessions.

If PlyoFit is not what you’re looking for but still want to achieve great results, then what you may be looking for is in our C28 programme. C28 is a progressive 28 day programme that couples nutrition and exercise in order to achieve the maximum results in the shortest amount of time.